Complain about the noise...
Send a noise complaint using our online form: click here  

Tell the Airport each time you are affected by aircraft noise.  Encourage others to complain as well!

If you don't want to use our online form you will need to...

Complain directly to the Airport

By email to:    


Include the date(s) and time(s) of the noise incident and say where you live - your postcode will do.  Also say how bad you thought the noise was and how it affected you and people you were with at the time (if any) and if you were indoors or outdoors.  


It would help if you could send us a copy of your email at the same time to: .

You will get an automated reply from the Airport.  You may well not hear anything else but please let us know if you do.

By phone:        0191 214 3569


By post:

Helen Hughes
Environmental Adviser
Newcastle International
NE13 8BZ

Complain to the Civil Aviation Authority ...

This has to be done by filling in a form, click here to access it.  The CAA has a reputation of doing very little with complaints they receive so you may think this is not worth trying.  But, every little helps ...

Say what you think in the comments section on this site for all to see!  click here

Newcastle Airport constantly monitors the web and social media for anything that is about the Airport or affects it.  So you can complain publicly for all to see as well as (or instead of) complaining to the Airport ...

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