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What is this about?

Before April 2017, aircraft departing from Newcastle Airport were dispersed across a wide area and everybody got some respite from aircraft noise.


After April 2017 Newcastle Airport started using satellite technology to fly departing aircraft down a narrow route.  Now, people under and close to the flight path centre line now get no respite.  The Airport didn’t tell us it was going to do this or what the effects would be.  More... 

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Everything about Newcastle Airport plans for respite/changes to departure routes is here 
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Wind direction - which way will they take off and land?

70% of the time on average (according to aircraft leaving Newcastle Airport take off to the West and land from the East each year.

BUT, this changes in the spring and early summer months, view and download this doc to see what happens in the spring and early summer when the East side of the Airport gets more takeoffs

ANAG (Aircraft Noise Action Group) formalised as an unincorporated association on 11/3/19.  The adopted constitution is here

A helping hand ...

ANAG has received a generous donation towards the costs of running the campaign from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.  Among other things, this donation will enable us to up our game by reaching out to many more people living around the Airport and to look at opening up other initiatives to progress the campaign. 

This is our updated briefing. The Airport asked us to take down the August version, which we did when they asked.  It said it had errors and inaccuracies in it as well information the Airport regards as privileged.  However, though we have asked twice, the Airport has refused to tell us what it thinks was wrong with it so we’ve had to guess.    If you have downloaded the original August version, you should scrap it and use the October briefing instead here.

In 2014 the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved the use of satnav by the Airport.  As a result, people living under or near the centre line of the Airport's departure flight paths are suffering.  Which is why ANAG came into existence. 


We have seen the CAA's assessments of the proposal the Airport made for this change.   You can see our comments here


ANAG thinks that, on the basis of its Environmental Assessment alone in which the CAA made negative comments - especially about noise issues - the CAA should never have approved the introduction of satnav.  We think the CAA failed in its duty of care and that it looks like the Airport effectively withheld information on noise that would have led to opposition to the proposal.   If you want to read the CAA's  assessments in detail they are here: Operational; Environmental; Consultation (we'll be commenting on this one soon).

Civil Aviation Authority and Newcastle Airport: your chance to say what you think (soon!)

In 2014 the Airport had its use of satnav approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) - and we all know the effects of that.  The CAA will be doing a Post Implementation Review of the change and its effects and will be looking for comments and input.  On or around the 14th November (this might get postponed until 13th December), the Airport will provide information to the CAA and we and you will then have 28 days to say what we think.  The link is here.

The most recent reply (here) from the Airport in the latest round!  Is this a waste of time?  We think so.  We write to the Chief Executive because we think this is important and he never bothers to reply himself.  The reply ignores all the issues we have raised and offers absolutely nothing (no surprises there).  We conclude that, whatever noises the Airport makes about developing good relationships, it never delivers.  We will be back!

If you have a view about all this, put it on line here 

Hitting back at the Airport

We wrote to Nick Jones, Chief Executive of Newcastle Airport, a while ago to ask a number of questions and to escalate our challenge - the letter's here in case you didn't see it.  The Airport replied - it's here in case you didn't see this too - but he just couldn't show us the courtesy of replying himself, he delegated it to somebody else.

We think the reply was wholly inadequate and we've said so in our response - you can see it hereAs always, the devil is in the detail so the letter is long (sorry) - we think it's important to spell things out to reduce the Airport's wriggle room.   As always, you can say what you think via our website here.

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