Before April 2017, aircraft departing from Newcastle Airport were dispersed across a wide area and everybody got some respite from aircraft noise.


After April 2017 Newcastle Airport started using satellite technology to fly departing aircraft down a narrow route.  Now, people under and close to the flight path centre line now get no respite.  The Airport didn’t tell us it was going to do this or what the effects would be.  More... 

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Covid 19/Coronavirus is affecting everything and everybody. 


Please stay as safe as possible and follow the NHS/Government guidance here 

Coronavirus and the noise campaign

The onset of Coronavirus has had a significant impact on the aviation industry with airlines, airports and support services having to drastically reduce their operations. This clearly is very concerning situation regarding employment and people’s livelihoods.


Once the virus threat has passed the industry may well have to change the way it operates and we have no way to tell what that might entail.


Scientists are already saying the reduction in CO2 emissions globally could reverse the climate crisis which, until the virus, they thought irreversible.


We are primarily concerned about the negative environmental impact of aviation and, in particular, noise.  As a result of the current circumstances, aircraft noise has reduced almost to nothing but we will continue to monitor how the industry responds to this crisis.

The campaign will reduce to a watching brief until the future becomes clearer.

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