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A link to the Sustainable Aviation website.  Sustainable Aviation is an industry campaign that is promoting the growth of aviation and trying to persuade governments and the public that this growth won't negatively affect the environment or make noise worse or accelerate global warming.  It's a well funded campaign.  We don't agree with them in common with every other group campaigning against global warming, environmental degradation and the impact of aircraft use.  BUT, we think you should see what they say.

Link to a page on the UK Airport Watch website which gives access to a lot of data and information around aircraft noise and its impacts

An umbrella movement networking the interested environmental organisations, airport community groups, and individuals opposed to unsustainable aviation expansion, and its damaging environmental effects, including climate change, noise and air pollution...

Click here - for a technical explanation of what satnav (P-RNAV) is doing for the management of aircraft arrivals and departures.

Aircraft noise is the most significant cause of adverse community reaction related to the operation and expansion of airports. This is expected to remain the case in most regions of the world for the foreseeable future. Limiting or reducing the number of people affected by significant aircraft noise is therefore one of ICAO's main priorities and one of the Organization's key environmental goals. 

AEF is a UK based organisation campaigning for aviation’s impacts on people and the environment to be brought within sustainable limits.

AEF receives more queries about aviation-related noise pollution than about any other issue.

Android apps for monitoring flights

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The CAA turned down our Freedom of Information request about its audit of Newcastle Airport in December 2019 (see what they said here). We appealed (here) and you can see the CAA's appeal response via the link above

Our comments on Newcastle Airport's Net Zero Carbon 2035 policy.   You can download a pdf of the policy here and a copy of the Airport's press release here 

These are our comments on the effects of the 2014 Airspace Change Proposal following its implementation in early 2017.

70% of the time on average (according to aircraft leaving Newcastle Airport take off to the West and land from the East year.

BUT, this changes in the spring and early summer months. Click the link above to see what happens in the spring and early summer when the East side of the Airport gets more takeoffs.

This is the October 2019 briefing.  The Airport asked us to take down the August briefing because they said it had inaccuracies and privileged information.  The Airport has refused to tell us what it thinks was wrong with it, in spite of us asking twice, so we have had to guess.  If you downloaded the August version, you should use this one instead.

The Civil Aviation Authority carried out Environmental and Operational assessments of the change process and as well as assessing the Consultation process.  We think the CAA got this wrong.  The link via the title above is to our summary of what we think the CAA got wrong.


Environmental Assessment download  (with sections highlighted by us - click the title to download our briefing on this assessment)

Operational Assessment download  (fairly technical!)

Consultation Assessment download  (we will be commenting on this soon)

ANAG briefing August 2019

We have taken this briefing off-line at the request of the Airport.  The October briefing (here) has replaced it - see a bit further up the download list above.

The most recent reply - dated 24th July 2019 - from the Airport in the latest round of letters.

This is our highly critical response to the inadequate reply sent to us by the airport.  This is our second letter in this latest round!

We challenged the Airport on a number of issues (see the previous link).  We have now had a reply, click the link above to see it.  We think it's inadequate - it misses all the main points and ducks nearly all the key questions we asked.  We are putting together a reply, you will see it on here soon

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