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More than 1000 noise complaints in 9 months

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Many thanks to everybody who has complained - keep going!. Winter means that there are fewer flights but the noise will get a lot worse as spring and summer roll in and the Airport adds more routes.

Our conclusions so far:

The risk to health from stress caused by aircraft noise emerges as the largest issue. Anxiety and anger are the two most reported effects of noise from aircraft departing from Newcastle Airport. Anxiety and anger result in "fight or flight" responses which, if repeated, can ultimately have a negative impact on mental and physical health.

We also think that our complaints process (and that of the Airport) is picking up only a small percentage of people who experience aircraft noise as an problem. Why is this? We think that the Airport's partly to blame. Its replies to complaints are less than helpful, they simply tell you what you already know. Also, the Airport continues to fail to acknowledge that there is an issue so people get the feeling that nobody is listening and nothing ever changes. We are working to change that.

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