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Slides from Stay Grounded

Analysis of the complaints submitted up to 3rd of August 2023

An analysis of the noise complaints you've made so far from April 2022 up to January 2023.  More to come later in 2023 as the complaints continue!

Some of you have done our survey (here) aimed at finding out what you think of Newcastle Airport.  This is the report of what you've told us so far

In October 2022, a meeting of a Group, hosted by the Airport, took place to look at noise issues. It was the second meeting since the pandemic sgtarted in 2019. These are ANAG's notes on the meeting.

We've produced a table that shows how far away from an aircraft might need to be in order for the  noise to be less intrusive.  It looks at departures only  and depends on the altitude of the aircraft.

July 2022: With the noise getting worse and the number of complaints and complainants increasing, we have sent a list of requests for information and clarification to the Airport

Link to the Airport's Masterplan web page. The Masterplan propose significant expansion of the Airport's activities and, therefore, the noise it makes and its impact on the environment and global warming

Our comments on Newcastle Airport’s Masterplan for 2035 including comments previously submitted around the consultation process. It also includes our comments on the Noise Action Plan for the sake of completeness.

This is the October 2019 briefing. The Airport got upset and asked us to take down the August briefing because they said it had inaccuracies and privileged information. The Airport refused to tell us what it thinks was wrong with it, in spite of us asking twice, so we had to guess. We replaced the original briefing with this one.

Our appeal to the CAA over their refusal to provide information about issues arising from the departure of number of Air Traffic controllers from Newcastle Airport

The CAA turned down our Freedom of Information request about its audit of Newcastle Airport in December 2019 see what they said here.

Newcastle Airport's plan for managing the noise it makes.

Our comments on the draft that preceded the 2019 Noise Action Plan

The Civil Aviation Authority carried out Environmental and Operational assessments of the 2014 change process and as well as assessing the Consultation process. We think the CAA got this wrong. This link is to our summary of what we think the CAA got wrong

The CAA reviewed the effects of the implementation, in 2017, of the flightpath change. These are our comments on its review

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