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Aviation and your health

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Find out about how atmospheric pollution from airports - including Newcastle Airport - affects the air you breathe.  And it isn't just about aircraft and the flights they make. more...

Aircraft noise and your health

Aircraft noise can no longer be considered simply as an inconvenience to people’s lives. 

Major studies have concluded that aircraft noise is negatively affecting people’s health and quality of life.


Exposure to aircraft noise can lead to short-term responses such as sleep disturbance, annoyance, and impairment of learning in children. Long-term exposure is associated with increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, dementia, and may contribute to long-term mental health issues

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A report from the Aviation Environment Federation on the effects of aircraft noise on your health (see a summary here )

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Aircraft noise and health effects: Recent findings.

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A list of studies on one of the Heathrow campaign sites.

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A Stay Grounded report on the effects of aviation on your health.


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