A link to the Aviation Environment Federation web page on public health

A link to the NATS noise web page - understanding how aircraft noise can be measured

AEF is an important UK based organisation campaigning for reductions in aviation’s impacts on people and the environment .

A technical explanation of what satnav (P-RNAV) is doing for the management of aircraft arrivals and departures.

Link to a page on the UK Airport Watch website which gives access to a lot of data and information around aircraft noise and its impacts

FlightRadar 24 is a service/app that supports monitoring of flights at airports all over the world

A link to the CAA's web page on noise. It says: "There's no getting away from the fact that aviation can be noisy. When aircraft land and take off, depending on the aircraft and its altitude, as they fly overhead, they produce a considerable amount of noise."

Aircraft noise is the most significant cause of adverse community reaction to airports. Limiting or reducing the number of people affected by significant aircraft noise is therefore one of ICAO's main priorities .

An umbrella movement networking the interested environmental organisations, airport community groups and individuals opposed to unsustainable aviation expansion, and its damaging environmental effects, including climate change, noise and air pollution.

Sustainable Aviation is an industry campaign that is promoting the growth of aviation and trying to persuade governments and the public that this growth won't negatively affect the environment. It's a well funded campaign. We don't agree with them BUT, we think you should see what they say.

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