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Complain whenever you are affected by any noisy aircraft overhead. 

After you've entered your name and the postcode of where you were when the noise affected you:

  • Select the date you want to complain about

  • Select which part of the day you want to complain about

  • Say where you were

  • Say how it affected you

When you submit the complaint, it will get sent directly to the Airport with a copy to us. 

Alternatively, you can bypass our form and complain to Airport via our Complaints page here   

Aircraft noise complaint - Newcastle Airport

* = required

How far from the Aiport do you live?

(in a straight line)

Where were you when the noise happened?
How did the noise affect you?


Have you signed up to support the campaign?

By clicking the Submit button below, you consent to Aircraft Noise Action Group using the data you have submitted ANONYMOUSLY for the purposes of analysis and reporting.  We will delete your personal identification from your data if you ask us to at

The form can be slow to load at times - please be patient!  Thank you

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