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Respite from aircraft noise

This the Airport's current Noise Action Plan

Our comments on the Newcastle Airport Noise Action Plan submitted before the final version was produced.

A pdf of a PowerPoint from 2019 used to tell us that the Airport will do nothing to give us respite from noise

This is the presentation from consultants retained by the Airport to look at respite options.  All it does is show the change process - which we knew anyway.

These are the detailed rules that Newcastle Airport will have to follow if it ever decides to apply for approval to change its departure routes.  A costly option for the Airport

Detailed and sometimes technical reports.


Aviation Environment Federation: Aircraft noise and public health Click here for the full report or Click here for a summary 

Queen Mary University: aircraft noise effects on health  Click here

British Medical Journal (BMJ): Aircraft noise and cardiovascular disease near Heathrow airport in London: small area study  Click here  

Before the Airport started using satnav, departing flights were spread over a wide area - see here.  The noise was shared - everybody got some respite from it. 

Airspace in the North East is a very long way from full capacity there is no need to use satnav to increase capacity which is not needed.

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