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Aircraft noise

Before April 2017, aircraft departing from Newcastle Airport were dispersed across a wide area and everybody got some respite from aircraft noise.


After April 2017 Newcastle Airport started using satellite technology to fly departing aircraft down a narrow route.  Now, people under and close to the flight path centre line now get no respite.  The Airport didn’t tell us it was going to do this or what the effects would be.  More... 

Boeing 777 overhead
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Newcastle Airport operated at less than 10% of the levels before the pandemic happened. Which means that noise levels fell to a low level.


HOWEVER, the aviation industry is trying everything to get back to where it used to be. Which means that, right now, the noise is back again with early morning and evening flights being the worst of all.

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Find out more about the health issues from the Civil Aviation Authority here and from the Aviation Environment Federation here.  Also see International Noise Awareness Day- April 27th here with information on aircraft noise here (it's US based but still relevant to us) and this article from the BBC here 

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