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Environment, pollution and climate change

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Find out about how atmospheric pollution from airports - including Newcastle Airport - affects the air you breathe and contributes to accelerating global warming.  And it isn't just about aircraft and the flights they make


The UK is the 4th highest emitter of CO2 from aviation in the world.  In a climate emergency, real carbon zero action is essential.  However, Newcastle Airport’s recent Net Zero Carbon 2035 policy (here) falls far short.  Why?

  • There are no measurable targets and no detailed plan

  • 2035 is far too late

  • It is about the Airport company only.

  • It excludes aircraft operators and airlines and people driving to the airport.

  • It excludes on-site tenants, franchisees and service providers 

  • The Airport’s 2035 growth plan, if achieved, would  wipe out any benefits


See our detailed response here 

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An offer to plant trees to offset carbon emissions isn’t a solution – it’s a licence to continue with business as usual. Planting trees is called offsetting (carbon).  Offsetting’s real power is to provide not a climate solution, but a social licence to continue with business as usual. 


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The UK aviation sector has massive expansion plans, that would take its carbon emissions way above even a generous future cap. more... 

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