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Civil Aviation Authority's error?

In 2014 the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved the use of satnav by the Airport. As a result, people living under or near the centre line of the Airport's departure flight paths started suffering from noise when the change was implemented in 2017. We have seen the CAA's assessments of the proposal the Airport made for this change. ANAG thinks that, on the basis of its Environmental Assessment alone in which the CAA made negative comments - especially about noise issues, the CAA should never have approved the introduction of satnav.

We think the CAA failed in its duty of care and that it looks like the Airport effectively withheld information on noise that would have led to public opposition to the proposal.

You can see our more detailed comments here.

If you want to read the CAA's assessments in detail they are here: Operational; Environmental; Consultation (we'll be commenting on this one soon)


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