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Aviation is a health issue

Updated: Apr 28

We've said it many times but for reasons of noise, emissions and impact on climate change and the environment, aviation really is a threat to your health. It's certainly true that, if you live close to an airport your risk will probably be higher but it can affect you anywhere, directly or indirectly.

Stay Grounded have produced an up to date factsheet on the health risks of aviation.

Its introduction says: "Flying poses a long-term risk for the climate and a liveable future. It also is an immediate health risk for people living near airports and under flight paths, as well as for cabin crew and passengers. This factsheet summarises the current science on health effects associated with noise and air pollution and explores ways to tackle them."

It also says: "Flying, while often depicted as a care-free and convenient mode of transport, is actually detrimental to human health. While this is especially true for those flying frequently like cabin crew, pilots and frequent business travellers, people who do not fly also bear the consequences."

We've downloaded the factsheet here


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