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Government tames noise watchdog

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

2 years ago, the government set up the Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise (ICCAN). It didn't have many teeth but it spent time talking to communities and to the aviation industry about how to best approach managing aircraft noise. We didn't hold out much hope for it but it tried to do its job, set up workstreams and started coming up with ideas. Now the government is closing it down. We think that it looked like ICCAN might just get in the way of ever expanding aviation (and more aircraft noise).

ICCAN will become part of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) - we think that this is a conflict of interest. The CAA's role is to develop and sustain aviation and our view is that independent oversight and regulation of its work is essential. It can't regulate itself.

We've written to the minister responsible for this area of the government's work. You can see our letter here. You too can write to the minister and tell him what you think.


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