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We ask the Airport (again!) what it's going to do about aircraft noise

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

We've sent some questions to the Airport. You can see and download what we have asked here.

We've consistently asked the Airport to address issues around aircraft noise. In particular we have asked it to look at various realistic options for providing respite from noise.

The Airport could do this by using other established flightpaths from time to time. It could also do this changing the rules to widen the existing flightpaths - especially the departure flightpaths (widening the arrival flightpaths because aircraft need to line up with the runway a number of miles away, is not an option).

So far, the Airport has snubbed all our approaches on this and refused to discuss options - which is why it's really important to keep complaining about the noise.

We want to the Airport to be clear with us and with you about exactly what the rules are for its departure operations and how it has arrived at decisions around aircraft noise. So we have asked some questions and asked for clarification. We'll let you know what we get from the Airport when we get it.

FYI: a glossary of terms we've used:

  • NIAL = Newcastle International Airport Limited

  • P-RNAV = Precision Area Navigation (satnav basically)

  • ATM = Air Traffic Movement

  • ATC = Air Traffic Control


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