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WebTrak  Newcastle Airport's flight tracking facility here

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FlightRadar24 flight tracking here

ADSB Exchange flight tracking here

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UK red alert for heat

The UK's first ever red alert,  the extreme heat is just beginning. See this article (here) by Bill McGuire, professor emeritus of geophysical and climate hazards at UCL 


Aviation has a troubling history of being less than truthful about its impact on the environment.  Find out more here 

Carbon budget chart

International flights have been ommitted from UK carbon budget calculations until now, skewing CO2 emission calculations.

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Piecemeal plans for expansion at UK airports threaten efforts to limit climate change.

Eco Passenger logo
Ecopassenger.  Compare the energy consumption, the CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts for planes, cars and trains in passenger transport.   

Find out more about Ecopassenger here  
Stay Grounded logo

Stay Grounded: What the aviation industry tells you and what it DOESN’T tell you or want you to know.  Find out what you need to know about decarbonisation promises and false solutions. See factsheets on: Efficiency; Electric Flight; Hydrogen; Biofuels; E-fuels  here  


Emissions from aviation and associated activities are affecting the environment badly.  Only a small percentage of people in the UK and across the planet use aviation but its effect is much larger and damages us all.  Find out more here (environment) and here (pollution) 

Low flying aircraft

How and why the noise from Newcastle Airport become worse for people living close to flightpaths.

If you want to complain click here.   If you want to support our campaign to reduce Newcastle Airport's noise and environmental impact, click here

Mental health

Aviation - including flights from and into Newcastle Airport - can affect your health.

Find out how this happens and what the risks are here

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