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Do you complain about aircraft noise? Or not? Please tell us!

Are you bothered by Newcastle Airport aircraft noise OR does it not bother you at all?  Do you ever complain or never complain? Either way, we would really like to know.


Please help us understand by completing our short questionnaire.  It's really quick and easy to do. 

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Buying a house? Moving into the area?

Want to find out about aircraft noise before you commit to your purchase?

Aircraft Traffic Survey is a not for profit website which will analyse air traffic overflying the postcode of the property you've got your eye on. They charge a small fee for the service. More...


Aircraft Noise Action Group offers this link as a suggestion without endorsement

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The Stay Grounded network works internationally to reduce air traffic and build a climate-just transport system. They have a whole set of great factsheets.  If you want more information about the impact of aviation take a deep dive into their great factsheets.  You can see them on our website here  or on the Stay Grounded web site here. Really helpful if you get into any arguments about flying!

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pare the energy consumption, the CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts for planes, cars and trains in passenger transport.   

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Emissions from aviation and associated activities are affecting the environment badly.  Only a small percentage of people in the UK and across the planet use aviation but its effect is much larger and damages us all.  Find out more here (environment) and here (pollution) 


How and why the noise from Newcastle Airport become worse for people living close to flightpaths. If you want to complain click here.   If you want to support our campaign to reduce Newcastle Airport's noise and environmental impact, click here

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Aviation - including flights from and into Newcastle Airport - can affect your health.  Find out how this happens and what the risks are here

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